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Question: If I choose to pay for my funeral today, will my survivors have to pay more at the time of my death due to inflation?

Answer: No. Today's funeral pre-planning allows you to "Lock In" the price of your funeral. No matter how long you live or how much prices increase, you receive peace of mind from knowing that your survivors will not have to pay another penny for the products and services selected and paid for today.

Question: What happens if I die before it is paid off?

Answer: If you die before your funeral plan is paid in full, it will automatically be paid off for you (with some limitations). Your pre-planning counselor will explain these limitations to you. You must be current on all payments in order to receive this benefit.

Question: If I choose to pay for my funeral in advance, how will the funeral home use my money?

Answer: according to South Carolina law, the funeral home may not use your money until you die. We are required to place the money into an investment which becomes payable to the funeral home upon your death.

Question: What if the funeral home should go out of business?

Answer: You are still protected. If, this were to happen, your funeral plan investment would (by law) become payable to funeral home of your choice. The new funeral home would have the option of whether or not to honor the price guarantee.

Question: What if I were to not or decide to use a different funeral home?

Answer: That would not create a problem. In the event you were to choose a different funeral home for any reason, your funeral pre-planning investment would (by law) become payable to the funeral home that renders the service. Again, the new funeral home would have the option of weather or not to honor the price guarantee.

Question: Would I have to pay taxes on my funeral plan?

Answer: No, although your funeral pre-planning investment will grow in value, it would not result in additional taxes to you.

Question: If I should have to go into a nursing home, would I be required to spend the money in my funeral pre-planning investment before Medicaid would pay for my care?

Answer: No. If your funeral plan is made irrevocable (and most are) then the money in the plan can not be touched for any purpose until you die.

Question: Why are so many people making these plans today?

Answer: There are many reasons. However, most people make these plans because they love their families. If we die without pre-planning, the last thing we do on earth is leave our loved ones with emotional burden and financial debt

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